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From Wellington Heights, you’re probably less than ten minutes from our unique family of dispensaries. Located on E Cesar E Chavez Ave, Puff Los Angeles and Hierba are each a fun exploration and rewarding discovery. We unite neighborhoods through locally-curated and socially unbiased recreational and medicinal cannabis. To answer the diverse needs and preferences of our customers, we carry a wide array of exceptional strains.

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Browse our sativas, indicas and hybrids and a variety of consumption methods, including tinctures, extracts and vapes. Shop mature, vibrant flower and the convenience of pre-rolls. Sample from an exciting and tasty menu of edibles. Benefit from the curative properties of our topicals and CBD. Better enjoy your cannabis with our selection of accessories. Casa 88 is cannabis at its finest.

Providing A Different Cannabis Experience

We staff Puff Los Angeles and Hierba locally, drawing from cultural diversity and continuing an unwavering dedication to our roots. All 88 communities of Los Angeles are part of our “home” and we continue to look for new ways to give something back. Offering greater accessibility to locals and visitors, the way we run our dispensaries is a “thank you” to our clients.

Dispensary Near Me in Wellington Heights, CA | Recreational Marijuana Store

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Marijuana Store, Cannabis Store & Marijuana Dispensary in Wellington Heights, CA

Dispensary Near Me in Wellington Heights, CA | Marijuana Store

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