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In fifteen minutes, you can travel from Montebello to our Puff Los Angeles or Hierba locations on E Cesar E Chavez Ave. Once you arrive, you’ll probably want to devote some time. There’s a lot to explore, appreciate and choose from. Whether you know exactly the strains you’re looking for or are open to discovery of new favorites, you’re going to be glad you stopped by, sure to come back and thrilled with the experience.

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Sativas, indicas and hybrids are available in abundance at our pair of weed shops. Exceptional genetics is the key to killer THC potency and purity of CBD. The aromas, effects and appearance of our flower is unmatched. The flavor profiles and terpenes of our vapes add up to an incredible selection. Whether you’re looking for uplifting effects, relaxation, a cerebral high, couch-lock or non-psychoactive options, our menu of edibles, topicals, tinctures, pre-rolls, extracts and more offers the perfect answer.

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Our locally-hired team at Casa88 grew up across very different areas of Los Angeles, bringing together culturally-rich diversity. We are extremely proud of our roots and take every opportunity to unify our neighborhoods. Through community-curated cannabis, we answer the unique goals and preferences of our medicinal patients and recreational connoisseurs. Let us welcome you to Puff Los Angeles and Hierba, where we focus on better quality of life.

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